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The benefits of bamboo flooring


Renewable resource. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, capable of self-renewal and offering a better alternative to the destruction of the world's forests. Like grass, its harvest is removed again and again from the same plant.

Longevity. Due to the exceptional production technology, the bamboo flooring of the treated fiber is extremely hard and durable. It is a natural waterproof material that, due to moisture, is less expanding and shrinking. Hardness and durability are a great combination of floor coverings.

Stability. A natural bamboo structure has proven its ability to withstand several times higher loads for its own weight; This ability is also presented on the floor surface, which is more or less resistant to almost all curbs or recesses.

Hardness. The treated bamboo flooring has a special hardness and abrasion resistance, as well as other environmental stimuli.

Easy installation. Depending on the flooring structure, like hardwood, bamboo flooring can simply be laid, nailed or glued to the base.

Price. When importing a bamboo floor directly from the manufacturer, the product is delivered to the customer at the lowest price.

Styling advantages.
Due to the wide selection of colors and shades, the bamboo is suitable for any style of interior or other decor.

Heat conductivity. Bamboo flooring is ideal for floor heating due to its excellent thermal conductivity. Comparing 14 mm thick bamboo array and oak array boards, we receive respectively 0,053 m2K / W bamboo board and 0,087 m2K / W oak massive boards.

Care. Simple daily maintenance and easy cleaning with a damp cloth is all that is needed to keep the bamboo floor clean; No chemicals are needed for the maintenance of these floors.

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