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MDF skirting board - Snowy white color - Lacquer

Unit Price:€ 15.00
Weight:2.300 Kg.
In Stock:20
Category:Flooring accessories
Grindų skaičiuoklė:
2 - 3 weeks
Colour:Snow white
Length:2450 mm
Depth:75 mm
Thickness:16 mm
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2 - 3 weeks


Product name
MDF skirting board_PDB    
Surface / Coating
Coated with three layers of polyurethane varnish, finished in semi matte, snowy white color    
Colour Snowy white    
Dimensions (mm) 2450 x 75 x 16mm    
Installation Glue down with Chimiver "Attako" high grab adhesive or nail down.


MDF skirting boards are very easy to install and more durable than their plastic equivalents. There are a multitude of available designs of skirting boards and colors in stores, which makes it possible to find the right solution for every type of interior. Some skirting boards have cable trays in the back, as well as protection against moisture, which prolongs their lifetime. A varnished surface doesn’t fade in the sun, which makes it a perfect finishing for both wooden and laminate flooring.

The base material for our skirting boards production is raw MDF board. MDF is a wood-derived product, it is made by breaking wood down into wood fibers, combining it with organic substances and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. These qualities make MDF an ideal material for industrial processing and enable easy cutting, milling and forming in order to obtain various forms and profiles while simultaneously maintaining stable size.
The parameters of our MDF skirting boards comply with PN EN 622-1 and PN EN 622-5 norms. Based on table 8 of the PN EN 13986 norm for MDF boards thicker than 9 mm, we declare the reaction to fire class: D-s2, D0.
MDF Skirting Boards – Your way of finishing every interior.
We currently have in stock:
20 pcs.

At your request, we can order larger quantity of skirting with our nearest order.


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