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LIFTO 35-55 - Adjustable pedestal

Unit Price:€ 3.60
Weight:0.150 Kg.
In Stock:400
Category:Fastening elements for decking
Trademark:Fixing Group
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1 - 2 weeks
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1 - 2 weeks
LIFTO is a Pedestal- system for height adjustment between a terrace substructure and foundation.
Situated height adjustment unit for a terrace substructure.

The terrace substructure of wood, wood-like material or aluminum is placed on the adjustable pedestal and secured to prevent slipping. The required height adjustment is achieved by turning right or left of the trapezoid thread at the base. The variable adjustment from 35 to 55 mm allows for continuous adjustment of the distance between the substructure and foundation. An automatic tilt compensation - up to 1 degree - is absorbed by the trapezoidal thread.


Country of origin - Austria

The LIFTO height adjustement 35-55 mm can be continously increased using intermediate adapters permitting a versatile height range.

  1. Height up to 70 mm – 1 pc. LIFTO 35-55 + 1 pc. LIFTO 20 adapter (adjustable height  55 mm – 75 mm).
  2. Height up to 90 mm – 1 pc. LIFTO 35-55 + 1 pc. LIFTO 40 adapter (adjustable height 75 mm – 95 mm).
  3. Height up to 150 mm – 1 pc. LIFTO 35-55 + 2 pcs. LIFTO 40 adapters + 1 pc. LIFTO 20 adapter (adjustable height 135 mm – 155 mm).

We currently have in our warehouse.

For precise quantities in the warehouse, please contact us by e-mail: info@bambukogrindys.lt or call .: +370 698 09699



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