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User manual of floor adhesive


ADESIVER 2K PREMIUM - is a new generation of 2-component epoxy polyurethane adhesive for bonding pressed bamboo and other wooden floors. Hypoallergenic, odorless solvent.

Glue properties

· Contains no organic solvents, water
· It has a very strong adhesive strength
· Quickly prepared, easy to form, longer open drying time
· Suitable for gluing on heated substrates.

ADESIVER 2K PREMIUM glue suitable for gluing: single parquet, boards of various dimensions, unlined and lacquered multilayer parquet boards, mosaic parquet, parquet boards. Adhesives are suitable for covering all types of wood flooring.
ADESIVER 2K PREMIUM adhesive can be used on the following bases:
· Cement flooring
· Calcium sulphate floor
· Used asphalt floors
· Asphalt floors
· Particle board V 100 (E1)
· Oriented particleboard (OSB)
Primer usage is not required!

Drying time
The glued floor is resistant to walking and loads after 72 hours regardless of the yield of glue.

Checking / Preparing the substrate
The substrate must comply with DIN 18 256 standard. The substrate must be durable, dry, smooth, free of cracks, free of residues, free of dirt, etc. The moisture content of cement and calcium sulphate floors when laying bamboo flooring should not exceed 1.5% CM (when glued on a non-heated substrate, the moisture content can reach up to 2.8% CM).

Prepare the substrate mechanically (for example, a brush or a single machine, abrasive grains number 16) depending on the type of the substrate and the standing. What control tasks must be performed directly on the site. Clean the substrate according to the above methods from dust and dirt such as eg. Paints, plaster or adhesive residues. It is recommended to suction the substrate. All cracks and cracks, if they are robust according to their construction, need to be treated with epoxy enamel casting EPG-20 or EGH-30.
For more information on the basics, see "Flooring / Maintenance Instructions".

Mixing procedure
Fill the hardener (component B) with a bucket of glue (component A). Mix both components thoroughly with an electric mixer: Mix until you get a sandy mass for at least 2 minutes. Stir thoroughly on the walls and bottom of the dish. Use the full contents of both utensils to maintain the correct proportion of adhesive mix.

Mixing ratio
Component A with component B = 9:1

Recommendations for the use of glue
Spread the glue with a spatula (combs). Put the floor on the adhesive layer, adjust their position and firmly press with extra weight. Note the remaining glue remaining. In the case of any adhesive residues, it is necessary to remove them immediately (white spirit is applicable), because it is not possible to remove the already hardened glue without special measures. It is recommended to use comb pieces with a yield of 1200 g / m2.

Price: 5.00 € / 1kg
          50.00 € / (A comp. - 9 kg + B comp. - 1 kg) package price

Chimiver, Italy

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