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Bamboo decking


The strand woven bamboo flooring or bamboo flooring is the exclusive long-term solution for your outdoor terraces, gazebo, chairlift or other individual outdoor exterior projects to achieve high weather and durability.
Bamboo flooring is made of bamboo fiber from processed bamboo, using only oily materials that are resistant to external environmental influences. Unlike traditional wooden outdoor coverings, bamboo terraced floors have a unique structure and a much higher density, which is 1300 kg / m3.
Due to these qualities, the treated bamboo flooring is well-known on the market as extremely weathertight, weatherproof, waterproof, rotting, thermite, surface-bending and other floor-resistant flooring.

In this catalogue you will find a huge selection of colors and surfaces in the bamboo flooring area. Fulfill your dream with a terrace suitable for private and commercial use with our bamboo terraces.



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