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About us


In order to find the best solution for our newly organized housing flooring, unexpectedly we met with the Lithuanian market a little-known - bamboo array floor coverings. Our main criteria when choosing flooring, were: hardness, because at home is growing little boy and his pet; their stability and the extremely high thermal conductivity properties was especially important for home with line routing floor heating system. Today, with my husband we can only rejoice, that it was one of the best solutions to our housing decoration. To find the best of these properties with the floor and the producers, we traveled to distant lands in Asia.
Using our personal experience, today this product is also available to you.

OUR GOAL - is to offer all the highest quality products from strand woven bamboo to the highest expectations and needs of our customers.

- is to professionally advise, consult and answer your questions while finding the right solution and product for you.

-  is to be the best known and appreciated exotic wood supplier in Lithuania.

We hope that on this site you will find all the information you need about the bamboo solid floor and you will be able to choose from the widest range of bamboo array flooring in Lithuania at very good prices.

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