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Finishing materials and varnishes


In order to protect our bamboo floor, most of them are supplied already scalded or treated with oils in accordance with the strictest European quality standards.

Our bamboo flooring is treated using a 7-phase German made acrylic finish layer (water based). Treffert GmbH is a world-renowned high-quality industrial wood finishing material that ensures that the UV Duro-Sealer (Deep Protective Coating) and UV Anti-Scratch Top Coat (EVA) are environmentally friendly and free of any contamination. No harmful chemical compounds.

Treffert industrial wood flooring utilizes meets the following characteristics:

  • satisfies and exceeds the requirements of the quality standard EN71;
  • there is no migration of dangerous elements;
  • there is no harmful effect on direct skin or oral contact with coated surfaces;
  • according to EN71, the products are suitable for all interior decoration types;
  • coatings based on aqueous polyurethane dispersions or acrylate polymers;
  • the coating does not contain vinyl;
  • the coatings do not eliminate unpleasant odors during their burning or utilization.

Treffert UV varnishes do not contain halogenated hydrocarbons, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, formaldehyde and no other harmful substances.

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