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For flooring, we offer two types of structures: crimp / latch and tongue / grooving systems.

Button - lock system (Click)

Button-lock-type bamboo flooring is a separate bamboo flooring table that, when connected together, clicks in the true sense of the word. No type of glue is required for this type of construction. These floors are so-called "floating" type, which means that the floor fixing details, such as nails or studs, are not used. This is the fastest and easiest type of construction for laying floors.

Tail / grooving system (I & I)

Tiled and grooved (I & I) is the most common milling system used in the production of bamboo and wood flooring tables. The bamboo boards are tiled and grooved with the principle of a puzzle: with a groove on one side and with a groove on the other. The side of the curtain acts as a place for the side trowel, thus reducing the space between the boards. Most tiled and planed flooring is laid using floor fasteners (nails or studs) or special floor glue.

Note: Underfloor heating can be used on both floors of one and the other, but it is recommended to adhere to the base with special floor heating glue.

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