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Flooring installation / maintenance instruction

1.      Bamboo floor laying concrete at the base of the heated humidity should not exceed 1.5% CM (based on the moisture content of the concrete stacking non heated can reach 2.8% CM);
2.       The floor heating is activated at least 4 weeks after the installation of the concrete leveling layer;
3.      When the heating is switched on, the base temperature is raised + 4 ° C daily until the maximum heating capacity is reached;
4.       The heating period during concrete drying is at least 24 days. The heating period of the newly installed substrate is at least 30 days before laying the bamboo solid floor, of which at least 20 days a maximum temperature of + 45 ° C should be heated. During the heating and drying of the concrete, the premises must be adequately ventilated. In the case of a previously installed underground heating system that has already been used for several heating seasons, we recommend gradually raising the base temperature to approximately + 45 ° C prior to laying the floor and maintaining this temperature for an uninterrupted week;
5.       In all cases, immediately before the laying of the bamboo floor, the temperature of the substrate must be maintained at an approximate temperature of + 45 ° C for at least 5 days. Subsequently, the temperature of the substrate is reduced daily by 4 ° C until it reaches + 18-20 ° C. This substrate temperature should be maintained during laying. The room temperature must also be between +18 and + 20 ° C during installation. The required room temperature can be maintained with special heating devices. During the heating and drying of the concrete, the premises must be adequately ventilated.
6.       After a minimum of 5 days, a constant basal temperature of +18 to + 20 ° C should be maintained. This is done to ensure good adhesion and bonding of the adhesives and other materials with the bamboo floor.
7.      Given the fact that bamboo flooring is a natural product that needs to be acclimatized, it is recommended that the floor be put into the room (s) before laying, in the form of packaging, and at least 48 hours in a package. Packaging can not be opened. Assume no liability for defects arising from improper storage or malfunctioning, laying down the Product (product) description and Floor laying / maintenance instructions.
 8.       Seller is not liable for defects or infringements of already installed or installed Goods, if the Buyer or related third parties could see these defects during the acceptance, installation or installation of the Goods. Goods with significant defects or damage can not be used, installed or installed, and the Seller must inform the Seller of the quality mismatch prior to installing the floor, otherwise no claims will be accepted.
9.       Given that bamboo flooring is a natural product, boards may inevitably have differences in color and structure / fiber. Therefore, it is advisable to simply remove the boards from the package, view their color / pattern and sort the light, medium and dark separately before laying the floor. In this case, floor coverings will allow you to evenly distribute the boards according to the color / pattern throughout the flooring area.
10.   It is recommended that the bamboo floor, like any other floor covering, starts to be laid in rows, from the largest source of natural light.
11.   Regardless of the floor laying method, it is recommended to leave a 10mm expansion gap.
12.   It is not recommended to put new pieces in slabs less than 30 cm in length when laying.
13.   When laying, it is advisable to press the floor attached to the substrate with an additional weight (eg floor boxes, glue gypsum) to ensure a very high bonding of materials.
14.   When laying with 2K Epoxy Polyurethane Double-Component Adhesive (ADESIVER 2K PREMIUM), the residues and footprints of the fingerprints (gluing the floor) must be removed immediately (up to 1.5 times). As a detergent can be used as a specialist. Adhesive remover, and white spirit.
15.  Use water-based and solvent-free glue.
16.   When the heating is switched on, the temperature of the floor surface must never exceed + 26 ° C. The temperature of the properly designed and installed heated floor (concrete layer with drainage heating pipes) must not exceed 26 ° C. Changes to the material, color, or properties of the material at higher temperatures.
17.   The best operating conditions for bamboo flooring are when the relative humidity is 40-60% and the room temperature is 20ºC. In the heating season, the relative humidity of the room decreases to 20 - 25% and small slabs may appear in the floor. Therefore, it is very important at this time to maintain a room temperature of 20 to 22 ºC and increase the relative humidity to 40-50%. This is especially true if you have heated floors.
18.   The recommended change in the temperature of the floor does not exceed 4 ° C a day, both raising and lowering the temperature of the floor.
19.   Bamboo flooring is recommended to be cleaned only by means of wood floor cleaning or water using a damp cloth as much as possible. Everyday oven floor maintenance is recommended to wash every second, third wash with soap for oiled floors (ph 7-8). Regular maintenance, depending on oil depreciation, should be oiled with colorless floor oil in the entire area or in separate areas. For more information on choosing suitable products for oiled floors, please contact info@bambukogrindys.lt


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