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Binders and glues


The extruded bamboo can actually be called the "green" floor covering, since it produces very little waste. The stacks that remain along the length of the cutting of bamboo stalks to produce traditional carbonised and natural bamboo flooring rigidly roll, compress and glued.

Natural bamboo silicone in the material itself is used for bonding these materials. Additionally, fiber reinforcement with Norwegian organic adhesive Dynea (very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with Dynea firm adhesives) with an emission level of 0.038 mg / l (according to requirements this level should be less than 1.5 mg / l).

Dynea adhesives do not contain ingredients that are classified as hazardous to the environment. The glue does not contain solvents, heavy metals, antiseptics or halogenated organic components.

When bonding with natural silicone and organic glue, which is used very little, the material does not dissolve and becomes resistant to various mechanical damage to the floor.

It is also noteworthy that in the manufacture of pressed bamboo floor, adhesive is used in the least in the entire flooring industry - glue is only 5%. Total bamboo floorboard weight.

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