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Bamboo flooring indoor
The treated bamboo flooring is characterized by its extraordinary stiffness, thermal conductivity and unique exotic appearance, adhering to any style of interior or other decor.
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Bamboo stairs treads indoor
Bamboo stair treads are are beautiful way to finish off any stair case.
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Bamboo Terrace - aMbooo bamboo
aMbooo No.1, a bamboo decking, is a solution for naturalness and durability in creating your home environment.
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Bamboo Terrace & Outdoor Siding XTR
Processed bamboo outdoor products for your outdoor terraces, facade or other individual outdoor outdoor projects to achieve high weather resistance and long service life.
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Elements of bamboo decor
Bamboo stems, bamboo strips, table tops, etc. Elements that help create the coziness and beauty of your home.
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