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Installation Price List of bamboo products

Published: 2017-07-26
Price list of services:
Foundation cleaning and priming
1,00 €/m² 
OSB plate fixing to concrete
4,50  €/m² 
OSB mounting to the subfloor
2,50  €/m² 
Subfloor installation (OSB + bays)
11,00  €/m² 
Array boards / parquet boards installation (soothing)
from 6,00 to 8,00  €/m² 
Articulating boards / parquet boards (gluing)
from 8,00 to  10,00  €/m² 
Installation of wooden boards
 3,00  €/m² 
Stair decoration on skirting boards
from 10,00 to 15,00 €/m² 
Terrace frame installation
7,00  €/m² 
Terrace board installation
9,00  €/m² 
Terrace staircase installation
15,00  €/m² 
Cover the terrace with oil
1,00  €/m² 

Prices in the service listing are indicative and, in each case, are calculated separately for the Client according to the individual estimate.
Prices are exclusive of VAT.
For more information, call: +370 673 47779 or e-mail: info@bambukogrindys.lt


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